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Well, after a quick weekend being sick for most of the time, i'm back at AU. I miss home already and i just got back. It really sucked that i was sick, b/c i didnt get to do half of what i wanted to, esp. hang w/Garrod more. Oh-well, thas life huh? i'm feeling much better though, my cold is almost gone (thank GOODNESS!) So now i just gotta pray it doesnt come back. oh yea, and Jason really misses me. ;) I miss him too, and part of me wishes i could work something out w/him but its just kinda impossible b/c of where we are. That and i really like Garrod, lol. ;) i don't know where it'll lead us but we'll just have to see for now. Oh yea, and yesterday i had a good convo w/Mike, surprise! He told me i was smart, lol. i was like, thanks! well i'm out, i gotta read and sleep b/c i'm so freakin tired from driving!! bleh! peace, i'm OUT!
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