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So it's officially 2 months from my 21st bday!! :) And less than 2 months from now i'll be sittin on tha beach in Panama city beach, Florida. hooray! So to totally change the subject, last night i was talkin to my ex, Jason. And i guess he really misses me...i told him awhile back that i missed him still, and he is starting to think so too. He calls me randomly every once in a while, which is cool. But i really dont think i can do anything about it now cuz we live far apart either way. okay, i think i did say somethin about this the other day, but oh-well, its my journal!! :) so...but he is a lil cutie, and i guess i do still miss him. But i'm not tryin to do anything w/him now. Well...i'm outta here, its VELVEETA SHELLS AND CHEESE time!!! Roommate bonding time, lol. ;) Peace, i'm out!
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