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Okay, remember how i said i missed shamelessly flirting w/Mike? um yea so we had pretty funny and almost flirty conversation the other night, and my horoscope for the day said: "Charming Aries has the world on a string right now. Flirt shamelessly with anyone you're interested in." Ahhh...riiight. lol, kinda ironic huh? Anyways, he sent me this survey that i was to fill out about him, and so i did and told him to fill it out about me...He was pretty accurate for almost all of the questions, some i thought were pretty funny. He said my best feature physically was my ass, lol...good call! :) another question was "Am i funny?" and he put "cheeky monkey" which is our old inside joke, lol. ;) And a good one was, "If you had to chose one thing to change about me, what would it be?:too nice, just j/k thats a good trait." And this one he was dead-on about, "What's my biggest fear?: being hurt again"~he should know, he's the one who hurt me b/4 and caused me to fear it basically. But i just thought the whole conversation and survey thing was funny. ;)~ He was bein a dork but in a flirtatious way, cuz i just know how that goes. But that doesn't mean that i got all excited, i was happy about it, but it didnt make me think we'd get back together and thats okay. we just had fun being friends, and that is cool w/me.
Jermaine is like, totally obsessed with me now, i dont know exactly where that came from, but he's all about me in every way these days. I talked to him from 12:30am til 6:30am thurs. night (6 hrs!) about so much was nuts! but he also put on my survey that my butt was my best physical aspect. lol. i'm starting to get the hint! LOL. Anyways...i talked to my Bryon last night, that was cool. i'm supposed to hang w/him sometime this weekend. Well i gtg, goodnight. Peace, i'm out!
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