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The plot

This weekend wasn't too bad. I stayed in Friday night and then Saturday night i went over to Mike Stevens' to hang with them and Becky. I had fun, we partied, and Bubba let me drive his Avenger! :) it was FUN! The night was fun until i was goin to sleep and Bubba was like, so what happened to us? Okay, we were never together, for the record, not even talking. But he thinks we were talking and just stopped. I was like, well i didn't want a relationship w/you, so...and he's like, not romantically?? Nope. So then he sat there and was like well we're friends right? Yep. He was like okay, hug? So i gave him a hug and he kept tryin to kiss me, like he does everytime he's drunk. i turned my head away and he finally gave up. (SHEESH!) Then this afternoon was Heather's baby shower. It was pretty cool. I got there and her mom Denise gave me a big hug! I knew most of her fam. and friends, so i sat w/them. Mike (Carey) was there, which i figured he would be, but he was by himself at a table and kept quiet. Finally i was like, Hi Mike! So he responded, lol. I ended up sittin w/him at the table during the games cuz he was all alone. He didn't look too bad, he's lettin his hair grow out, like most guys these days, lol. I was SO nervous seeing him at first, my hands were even shaking so bad i could barely drink my punch! I think he was nervous seeing me again too b/c he seemed real shy and quiet. But i left early to finish shopping and head for Ohio. I talked to Mike a lil bit tonite, and he was tellin me that heather and her friends/fam. always liked me best. :) I knew that, but it was nice hearing him say it still. I mentioned that i go to Mike Stevens' alot when im back, and he made a comment, so i told him to go there sometime and hang out. Since he lives hidden in the woods in Bristol, he could get out and party a lil bit. He said he'd like that. I prolly shouldn't get excited over this, b/c its bad for me but i cant help it and i honestly am hoping we can hang out more. Not that we can hook up again, just to be close like friends, like b/4 is all. (yes, i still have feelings for him, they'll never go away so what am i supposed to do!?) Anyhow...YEA okay so we flirt online (and are scared of each other in person, lol!) SO WHAT! HAHAH. Thas my life for ya...Oh yea, and i'm scheming a great plan for my bday...haha! It's gonna be great. ;)
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