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Well, last night i guess i still had Mikey on the brain b/c he appeared randomly in my dream, lol. Except he was kinda shady...he walks past me and says "Hi, hi friend, hey you're cool!" But he was doin it to mock me, so it wasn't cool,lol. Oh-well! So i got some freakin GREAT news today! 50 Cent is gonna be in our hotel performing (in OUR hotel!) on the 10th when we're there!!! AHH!! How awesome is that?? I'm hoping Eminem makes a guest appearance, yea baby! LOL ;) So um, yea next week "you can find me in da club", chillin w/50 Cent! Anyhow, thats just super. I was inspired today too, a song came to me when i was doin my homework and its pretty good. I kinda forgot the tune but oh-well. Sadly, it's about But did i mention it was good?? hehe, so its another freakin love song about an ex, big deal. :)~ It's still a song, my 5th one so far, but my 3rd complete one. Actually, the title is "Complete" lol. Well its gettin late and i need to go to bed! So we'll see what happens...lata hatas! Peace, i'm out!
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