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Yesterday was a terrible day for a couple of reasons, and it seemed like it lasted forever. Well it's filtered on through to today as well, seeing as how i was up all night and morning studying for an anatomy test that i failed at 10am today. I'm also mad at myself b/c i'm slowly wanting Mike back (for what reason i'm still not sure..its messed up). And the more i talk to him, the more i subtly try to engage ways of us hanging out and stuff, and he's just eating it up! I asked him to come party w/me at Mike Stevens' house sometime and he's all for it, "i think i would have fun, i just might have to do that." Really?? Mind you, he wouldn't barely talk to me last Sunday, lol. And just to be dumb, i emailed him about being excited for 50 Cent at spring break and he im'd me (which he never does) and was like, "right on, thats badass!" I had my away msg. on too, but i took a study break to talk to him a lil bit. Here's the thing: i dont necessarily want to date him again, i'm not sure that i even like him as much as i think! I guess just being able to spend time w/him again sparks my interest. Yea, i'm messed up! I just wish this day was over, i'm tired and hungry and cranky...bleh. Peace, i'm out! :/
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