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Spring break = over...

Yep,i'm back from Panama City Beach, Florida. I miss it lots but i am glad to be back too. Mostly b/c it means my bday is only 6 days away!!! Hooray for 21!!~ I'm comin home this weekend to celebrate and get a lil crazy ;) Panama was GREAT, i had a lot of fun and i only made out w/one guy, lol. okay, i kissed another one but it was stupid b/c it was on a bet we made and i lost, lol. i ended up ditching him soonafter b/c he was kinda boring. Anywho...i got tan, sorta! I burned a lil but it'll be a tan soon. ;) The trip there was bumpy and adventurous but we made it and the weather was great during the week. We met some great guys and ate really good food! *Definitely lived off grilled cheese on the george foreman grill all week, lol. Here are some highlights from our trip:
-"Swamp!" ~Scuba
-"Is that a blue horse?" ~Jen
-Holy Chevron!
-Hoo-ray! ~Ang
-Chi-town boys
-PJ aka pimp juice
-making out at Spinnakers. LOL!
-2 visits from Harwat!
-Grilled Cheese...everyday!
-"our goal: make tha cover of girls gone wild!" ~j/k!!
-"It's my birthday!!! I'm 21!!" -yes KT, we know!!!!
-Pineapple Willy's and Laguna Bar n Grill...YUM!!
-Fat Tony's, $2.50 hat and orange monster ~Ball State boys!
-"You're an asshole!..." ~great song!
-Seeing 50 Cent walk into the club.
-Outrageous trip thru Alabama!
-Making it home first...priceless!!
And that's just a few of the memorable moments! It was fun and i'll never forget it. well gotta go, peace i'm out!
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