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I know i haven't written in here forever...i've been SO busy lately, but it's been fun stuff so i guess that is good. I'm comin home soon, on May 8th. And then i'll be at my new house, hooray! P.S. my new address is 57028 Rutledge Ct. in Karrington Kove off of CR13. I'm gettin a new home # too, but i don't have that yet. Anywho...i finally got to hang out w/Garrod for the first time in about 2 months last weekend, that was cool. Gosh i'm so ready to meet someone new so i can just fall for em and move on w/my life, but that's too much to ask, lol. So how bout i was just reading old emails and i came across one from Mike last spring break...things were alot different back then. But oh-well, i'm really not in the mood to start stressin that kid again. I'm pretty much over all that b.s. and tryin to figure out what i really want for my life now. I'm still workin on gettin my internship this summer, but i'm pretty sure i waited too damn long to get fault though. Well, i'm gonna go find somethin to do for now, maybe i'll write more later. I still got my cell, 361-5177, so hit me up sometime guys! ;) Peace, i'm out!
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