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hiya guys! ya i know it's been awhile, but i've been SUPER busy, so bear with me! :) Well, i'm back @ AU like a bad habit, haha. I'm loving tha whole room that i live all by my sweet lil self! its great. I've been having fun since i've been back, goin to tha bar w/my favorite clitterbug, Sal...Taco Bell Tuesday kicked off last night w/Friend (aka Lauren)...and pretty much missing my friends back home. Especially T-bone...i was packing to leave saturday as i attempted to stop crying was very hard to leave him and Jimmy. Sunday was okay til everyone left and i was sittin alone in my room, puttin up pictures and started wishin i was back home so i could go visit tony and jimmy for awhile! :( what can i say, i got super-attached to those guys when i was home...they threw a going-away party for me last friday, at hacienda for dinner and then to The Landing to go dancing...but too bad i went to tha wrong hacienda and ended up an hr. and 1/2 late to my own party!! :( needless to say i was unhappy about that. But tha club was pretty fun! I'm super excited about coming home this weekend, i can't wait!! I'll be there friday thru monday afternoon, and my parents are gonna be gone (that doesnt necessarily equate to party at my house tho!! hahaha). but on a great note, tony & jimmy's dad/stepmom will be outta town too so we're definitely partying at some point! I did get some relief on Monday about being friend/home-sick...Tony called me during night class and i got ahold of him, he misses me just as much and can't wait for me to be back too. :) he's too cute! well i gotta go search for a book here but i'll try to update as soon as i can! Love y'all!! oh ya, p.s. some girl is trying to get me to let her use this name and take over my journal...but i doubt that will happen!! hahah...sorry chic, but i own with it. ;) Peace, i'm out!
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