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Missin you

Okay, and on to the Mike drama...well, not drama so much as a saga. Put it this way, it's like my life is one long episode of Dawson's Creek- i'm the less-wordy, more committed Joey Potter and Mike is the less-dense Dawson Leery. Yea, i watch too much tv, okay?!? LOL, anyways...on with it! Okay, a weekend b/4 i got back from break, i went out with Mike and Jimmy to the bar, bowling, then to another bar. We got pretty drunk but had a helluva time. So we get back to Jimmy's apt. and me and Mike crash on tha futon...okay well, Mike and I cuddle for awhile, get closer, then end up making out...WHOA! That's what we said anyways, and he's like "what are we doing, wahts goin on here?" Ummm...this coming from the guy with his tongue down my throat! (not complaining, okay?? lol, its all goode!) So then we're like, maybe we should'nt do this, and we talk about it for awhile. We decide to stop at that, b/c he's thinking maybe its a bad idea, and i'm sure he'll forget or regret it in the morning when he's sober, and i don't wanna look like a jackass. So we ignore the fact for a couple weeks, and i'm back for break. New Year's Eve rolls around and we make plans to party it up at his house w/Tony, Jimmy, Paige (J's g/f), her friend Amy, Chrissy, and my bro and his friend show up too. We had SUCH a great time! We all get pretty drunk (noticing a pattern here??) and let's just say me and Mike are becoming kinda friendly and such on account of everything. We kiss at midnight, hang out on the couch, bla bla. People start passing out so we head to his room to go to bed too. (i behaved mostly) So we cuddle AGAIN, makeout AGAIN, its all pretty normal at this point, b/c everytime we end up liek that, it just feels like old times so i don't relaly think much of it. So i bring up the subject of what we're doing there and what's happening. We talk a lot longer this time...he tells me what a sweet, great girl i am, and what an asshole he's been to me in the past, he's scared of hurting me, etc. He's sincere about it all, i know. It's that he's too nervous to tell me any other time and being intoxicated DOES bring out the truth. I just remind him that if he forgets or regrets what happens that night, i'm gonna be hurt regardless so i dont even want to pursue it and he agrees. At this i feel sad and roll over to the other end of the bed. 2 seconds later he rolls over and wraps his arms around me...this whole routine continues for awhile and i'm like okay whatever, and we just cuddle til we fall asleep. B/4 that, i start talkin about how sad i am to leave AU and all my friends, b/c i made such great friends this semester, and i start to cry...alot. This made him feel really bad for me i guess b/c he seemed genuinely concerned and it was kinda cute, he says things like "awe, i know it must be hard, i'm really sorry. That's gotta be tought." And holds me close to him. I can't help but be happy by that b/c it makes me feel like he wants me to be happy and feel protected. (i'm SUCH a sucker for this treatment, lol) ANYWAYS, this whole charade is kinda left behind as the week passes too, and isn't brought up again...except by Tony's dad, Doug, who proceeds to ask how hot n heavy we got that night, and still assumes i moved in w/Mike and married him! LOL. thanx, Doug! Okay, for the last and final incident i'm starting a new entry...its gonna be another long one! Peace, i'm OUT! *Byrd*
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