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Holy update!! yea, so its been almost 2 yrs. since i updated this, so what! LOL! Okay, so here's my life summed up: I'm engaged to Christopher DeVon Handgen (aka love of my freakin life!!!), we stay in an apt. together, i'm not in school anymore, i had a job but i lost it ("but it don't get to meeee" lol, Keith Urban), and....umm...i'm 23, lookin for a job and can't wait to get married, move into a house and have kids!!! Oooh yea, and i hate Mike! He's not what i always wanted, he isn't this phenomenal guy that i should've been longing for (for over 6 yrs), and let's just say i've slugged & slapped him around on 2 diff. occasions! So there, that's my life up-to-date, LOL! P.S. Chris is the most INCREDIBLE, wonderful, sweet, compassionate, loving, adorable, caring, supportive man i've ever met and i am SO lucky to have been blessed to meet him. I can be totally real w/him, open, honest and just...real! He's truly the best thing that has ever happened to me, and he's proof that dreams really do come true!! :) :) :)
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