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I had a dream last night that I was pregnant with 2 babies. Oddly enough, I became pregnant with the first long before I did the second, and they did not share a father, so technically they weren't twins. Matt was in the dream I think...but yet I cannot remember for certain which man it was taking care of me. Kristin was in it as well, pregnant with a baby girl. I loved the thought of being pregnant myself. I gave birth in a pool at the hospital, the girl then the boy. I held them as I birthed them, it was beautiful. I was so in-love with them both. Perhaps it was Scott who was by my side, not sure why I was thinking of him last night, but my subconscious is a funny thing. I woke up sad. Not pregnant, no idea of when I may actually become pregnant. It's for the best now, but it left me feeling empty. I'd rather not be concerned with an issue with the father of my child, but the experience in my dream is always such a wonderous thing. Oh well.
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