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Happy single's awareness day!! LOL! That's what Mike H. calls it, anyway. Oh yea, and me and him decided to officially change Valentine's Day to "celebrate Mike Harwat's Birthday" Day. ;) Oh tha other Mike and his girl broke up...interesting. I was really happy to find out, but im NOT gonna obsess over it b/c that is stupid. I just keep in mind how when i was with him, i was sad even though we were together. Anyhow...i'm home this weekend, and gonna be home NEXT weekend and the one after that! Ugh...not by choice, but i have ANOTHER eye appt. next friday, and the sunday after next is Heather's baby shower. Hooray! :) i haven't seen her in forever, so it should be fun. Well, since i'm single and lonely, i'm gonna go watch a movie by myself...woohoo! LOL. Well i'm out, lata haters!
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