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I'm sleep-deprived from studying all night for a philosophy exam. But i did really good, so i guess it was worth it. But i'm so sore and tired, and slightly cranky. Um, yea and okay im frickin obsessing...about, uh DUH. Guess who? Geez-ow...i've seriously got a complex i think. Maybe? Guess i should know, i'm supposed to become the therapist, lol. But seriously, i was thisclose to making it all go away and put in the past, but NOOOO...the safeguard that he was dating Cris is now out of the picture, he's all alone and i pathetically miss him again. But i just keep askin myself what it is that i miss, if it is significant. But it is, i miss the walks in the park, goofin around wherever, shamelessly flirting and just hanging out. If i could've controlled my hang-ups and obsessiveness, things might be different, but it isn't and i'm accepting that. Now if only the dreams would stop, unconscious thoughts thru manifest content in my dreams is NOT appreciated! hehe, its just teasing me with something i'll never get back. Damn the ;) Well i'm terribly exhausted, sore, you know the deal. I'm out, i need SLEEP, preferrably free from dreams of someone...okay. Peace, i'm out! p.s. i just want someone to love!! is that too much to ask?? okay, well specifically one who loves me back.
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